The most important thing to know about Cliff and his help is that he will never give up on you. He knows the correct answer(s) exists and operates 100% from that knowingness and certainty — even when you come to him buried under 9 feet of none or wrong ”answers.”

WARNING: You cannot scare Cliff off with complexities. That only causes uproarious laughter! And Beware: because of his skills, training and most of all that bloody confront of his that doesn’t know how to flinch at anything, your ”nasty” situation can quickly flip on a dime right before you. 

I should know of what I am speaking as I have known Cliff over 30 years. I have witnessed this steadfastness to myself and with others on each of the above. I have also watched Cliff disassemble evilness in people intending to do harm before my very eyes without his ever blinking once. And it was they who were left quaking in their boots after, not the other way around (as was their original destructive intention). Does this sound like someone you want on your side? If you chose Yes, you will be glad you did!!

– Barbara Taylor | California


Clifford Woods, or Cliffy or matey, as I like to call him, has been advising me for better than 12 years. So, I think I have a pretty good understanding of how this guy operates by now. And I can sum it up with this – HE DELIVERS REAL HELP.

Help can be such a tricky thing. Nearly everyone offering it means well, but some use it as a pretense to rip you off. Which can make it a bit tricky to trust someone who says they are going to help you. But to me, real help, true help, is something that delivers solutions and technology and guidance toward removing or handling or sorting out, in some very real way, the problems and difficulties that have been stopping you from achieving your goals and purposes, whatever they may be.

Cliffy’s own life experiences and hands-on training, from across the globe, as well as his heartfelt desire to truly help, seem to have made him uniquely qualified for personal advising. His evaluation of the situation, whether personal, spiritual or business and finance, regardless of its scope, has never failed to bring clarity to the situation for me, and help me to see that there was something that I could do about it.

It’s not just his ability to analyze that keeps me coming back to Cliffy for help. It is his kindness, his caring and, when it’s needed, his “hard truths.” And it’s that each offer of advice is never given without being requested and seems to be continually ended with, “Now that’s my advice, you should do what you want,” and “Have fun!”

That it is continually ended that way, gives a consistent reminder that this is your life and your activities and that you are, in fact, in control of them. And that you should have fun while playing the games of life that you are involved in.

As I also like to help people, there are many that I have sent to Cliffy over the years that I have known him. And I can honestly say that every single one I have recommended has come back bettered by being helped by Clifford Woods. And most have experienced major wins in just the first meeting alone.

As I say in the seminars that I deliver world-wide, Cliffy is the “Yoda” to my attempts to be “Luke Skywalker.” So, if you have a need for a jolly, wise old-soul to help you sort out the bits of life that have you entangled, I don’t think you could find anyone better than Cliffy to give you a hand.

– Lee Burns – International Speaker | Texas 

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Clifford is a great business consultant who thinks outside the box and has great ideas on making a business flourish and prosper. If you are struggling in business I highly recommend Cliff to help you.

Nola Aronson

Owner, Advanced Audiology

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Grant Cardone

Real Estate Investor $1.7B AUM • Author 21 Bestselling Books/Business Programs • Creator of 10X Movement • 500 Employees

Clifford is the most logical and solution oriented person I have ever met. He analyses every situation properly and design what is needed to resolve it and it works!

Josee Goudreault

Artist Management at Self-Employed

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Host Top Podcast 12 Million Listeners. Mindset & Strategy Coach. Build High-Profit Business that Makes Positive Impact.

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